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We are an award winning media production team. From idea to edit we are passionate about effective media.

Jackson Speed Media Production

Who are we? We are a media production team based in Sydney. We develop ideas, plan & produce content. TVC, Corporate film, Web Media, Branded Content, Documentary, Events and Film & TV production, that’s us.

We’re the guys & gals who get the job done. We are passionate about what we do and always go the extra mile to prove it in a friendly, straightforward atmosphere. We have repeatedly shown ways to think outside the box and are yet to come across a problem we couldn’t solve, or a situation that has broken our stride.

At Jackson Speed we understand the importance of collaboration and that our clients are the first link to excellence.

We want to realize your vision and take time to listen to your ideas.

This process is dynamic, exciting and fun as all ideas are brought to the table and the creative process begins with you as a key contributor. It’s vital to us that we know where you’re coming from so your organization and your product or service is thoroughly researched.

Professionals at every stage of the film making process, from script writing to editing, the team at Jackson Speed is committed to creating an original and exceptional result every time.

We Are An Award Winning Team

Idyllwild Film Festival California
Best Cinematography
Best Director
Best Foreign Film
Grand Jury Award – Best of Festival

Festival De Cinema
Special Jury Prize

Fantastic Cinema
Best Low Budget Feature

Selected for Byron Bay Schools circuit.

Fast, Agile and Dynamic

We pride our selves on being
a fast moving and agile team.

We strive for fast turn arounds
and to deliver beyond expectations.

Creative Problem solvers

This is all facilitated by Smart ideas
& clever problem solving skills
as well as clear communication.

We have the ideas and the knowledge
coupled with the experience to make it happen.

74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video

Media is consumed everywhere. At home, in the work place even on the train & bus. Shoulder content, Reviews, Email Video, are all part of communicating your message, your story, to your audience. If engagement is the goal, then video is the tool to get the job done., It’s Film making, focusing on positive attitudes and can-do people. We get Tips, Ideas and inspiration from people in the thick of it!

Industry Supporters

Jackson Speed are proud to be the primary supporter and sponsor of, an industry supporting, film maker cultivating project. We help run events and share film makers stories. Focusing on a positive attitude & accessible education from industry voices to help build the next generation of Australian film makers.

Some Recent Works

What They Say

Jackson Speed deliver the professionalism and creativity we look for when partnering with a supplier on a variety of our event projects. They work well under pressure and the demanding deadlines our industry throws at them. A great working relationship.
Luke Hammonds
Luke HammondsDirector - Create Engage
Jackson speed were f**king amazing!!! We have been working with the for well over a year now. When we first started we had super small budgets, however they produced big results. Our iPad video was a prime example of this which was super high quality that was shot and edited in record time. Their skills in product animation are also second to none for our experiences in the Sydney market. The video's and animations they have created for us have driven ton's of business and really helped with Canva's growth and communicating our message. Thanks Nat and team!!!Cliff Obrecht
Cliff ObrechtCanva - Co-Founder & COO
I've had involvement with Jackson Speed on a number of different projects, and I'm always struck by the natural passion and drive they have for what they do. Whether you just have a rough idea of what you want, or a fully planned shot list, they always strive to bring your project to life with visual and artistic flair - a testament to their high level of technical skill. On our 'Midsomer Murders' shoot, they visually transformed our location and brought an authentic English look that can be so hard to achieve with our harsh Australian sun. Further, the shoot simply wouldn't have worked without the level of professionalism achieved through Nat's Steadicam operating. Aside from the visual excellency Jackson Speed are capable of, nothing is more valuable on any project than the calm rationality that years of professional experience can bring. If (or rather when) a problem arises on a shoot, Nat and the team are able to work out a cost-effective, practical solution that will almost always result in a better outcome anyway. This is a skill that can only come through experience, and it is evident that on any of my projects with Jackson Speed there has never been a problem they couldn't quickly, and reliably, solve.
Ultimately, a huge number of companies in Sydney can provide production services that meet basic needs, but I've not worked with any other company that always excels beyond a clients expectations* not because they feel obliged to, but because they're naturally passionate about creating excellent, visually creative, products.
Kieran Hoyle
Kieran HoyleKieran Hoyle - Director
If you want professional, respectable service with a fast turn around time & great results Jackson Speed are the company to go to. Having exceptional vision and a flexible work ethic enables Nat and his crew to work through anything that arises (especially those things sometime out of your control on location) and apply a great 'can do' attitude across their whole range of services. I've been on set along side Nat and the guys at Jackson Speed a few times now and we already have more projects in the pipeline. Simply said....great team, great results......great work!Jonathan Lee Jones
Jonathan Lee JonesActor ~ Singer ~ Musician

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